We Are Fact Finders and Deliverers of Results

We want to measure the impact of your marketing strategies and discover why your audience feels and acts the way they do toward your product or service. Kenney & Company utilizes intelligence-based marketing research to ensure that we can continue to reach your audience in a meaningful way for the duration of your campaign.

We enlist a large pool of resources that enables us to create and implement integrated communication strategies that will reach your target audience. We utilize multiple touch points based on demographics, geographical information and other criteria to fully deploy your message to the right people:

  • Primary Research: Trends and Benchmarks
  • Secondary Research: Research Aggregation, Analysis and Summaries
  • Market Research: Demographic and Zip Code Analysis
  • Campaign & Communications Testing
  • Industry Key Trends and Shifts Within Top Vertical Segments
  • Integrated Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Integrated Communication Planning, Execution and Results Analysis
  • Media Strategy and Placement
  • Behavior Marketing and Lifestyle