Who Are We and Why Do Our Clients Love Us?

It’s more than just our dynamic personalities.

Clients come to Kenney & Company for a variety of reasons. Some love our sophisticated print and direct mail capabilities married with our superior project management skills. Regional and national companies with multiple outlets, dealers, and franchisees enjoy the usability of our collateral and online ordering system, which helps them automate and customize their processes. Other clients benefit from the cutting edge creative solutions our cohesive print, direct mail and marketing expertise provides.

We are a hodge-podge of interesting and creative people who work as a team to make consumers sit up and take notice of your business. We have within our power the experience and the means to create the brand you want – the brand that gets you noticed.

In today’s business culture, just being good at what you do isn’t enough. We offer a variety of creative methods to help you on your meteoric rise to power – including dynamic website design and development, eye-catching advertising solutions, fresh promotional plans, effortless gifting options, signage, car wraps, event planning and coordination – you name it, we can make it happen.

We make it our business to make sure everyone knows about the awesomeness that is your business.

When you can’t even…we can!

More About Us!

“I feel privileged to live in these most interesting of times for marketing. While the ends haven’t changed at all (communicate my message, make me famous, help me sell), all the means (channels, content, devices, who’s in control) are changing constantly. Which means it’s a great time to be an agency helping clients figure all this out. At Kenney & Company, I am most proud of the agency’s culture and its collection of people who genuinely like each other and who work exceedingly hard to get clients the business they deserve.”
– Jane Kenney


Jane Kenney – Owner, Creator of Opportunities

Jane leads the agency’s efforts to identify and secure strategic partnerships, while expanding Kenney & Company’s footprint from print to include digital and mobile verticals. She has a driving passion for building relationships and has been able to connect the strategic vision of our clients.

Kenney & Company is a Certified Women Owned Agency (WBENC), and Jane is a recent graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program. In her free time, she serves on a couple of non-profit boards to help them deliver their message.


Lori Lent – Director of Spark

Lori heads up the promotional portion of the business, which includes corporate, employee and incentive gifting and event planning and coordination. She has a knack for creating events and gifts that get people talking. Want to do a little networking and need ideas on getting people together in a unique and interesting way? Need that perfect client gift that makes you stand out from your competitors? Want to thank your employees for their hard work and dedication without giving them just another meaningless fruit basket? She can help you craft solutions that will contribute to the culture you want to project to prospective clients and potential future talent.


Nate Martin – Creative Rockstar

Nate is in charge of graphic design. He has a flair for design and a knack for creative solutions. He’s fun, patient and easy to work with – which we value as the rarity it is. Present your ideas and watch them take shape in his capable hands. He will work with you to help you envision the visual signature of your dream. We strive to make working with creative the most enjoyable part of the process. Nate helps us make that happen.

Ben Shoop – Code Monkey

Ben is our web guy. He works on making sure your new website is clean, functional and beautiful – all at the same time. Let him know what you want and he’ll offer suggestions for the best way to get it. Want a store with all of your new branded stuff for sale? Want a site where customers can pay for your services online, safely and securely? Want an interactive website that is interesting and drives traffic your way? He can do it – efficiently and effectively. Give us a call and Ben will have you fixed up in no time!