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Ready for your brand vision to come to life? Ready to have a suite of consistent marketing materials to present to your customer base? Inquire. Inspire. Initiate.


Web design & development, content management systems, search engine optimization, online ordering and web hosting.


We will design your store to compliment your website – including a mobile version! We can teach you how to maintain your store, or if you like, we can maintain it for you.

Social Media

We offer comprehensive planning, design and development, monitoring and controlling, quality testing, tracking and analysis, project management and training for interactive platforms.


We want to measure the impact of your marketing strategies and discover why your audience feels and acts the way they do toward your product or service.

We're your Number One Fan!

Simply stated, we sell the idea of your company to consumers/future clients. We help you determine your demographic and we develop plans that speak to that demographic. We offer suggestions for introducing your company to your future customers. We find out what makes you unique and we let people know what sets you apart. We recommend practices that will help you to spread the word about the beauty that is your business. We are your advocates, your horn-tooters, your #1 biggest fan – and we encourage your prospective clients to join us on the ride.

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We make Magic Happen without Rendering you Homeless

Advertising is a big expense, and we get it. Not everyone can spend tons of money right out of the gate. That’s why we have spent years developing good working relationships with thousands of wholesalers, vendors and magic makers. We have the ability, experience and resourcefulness to help you maximize the impact of your marketing dollars. Whatever your budget, we can work with you. Just give us a call.

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We Do A Lot - Right Here.

We have an experienced and unique team of in-house people with a large variety of skills. What that translates to in practical terms is very simple. We make it our business to know what you want, and we are able to deliver it without influence from third parties who don’t know you like we do. Your business is your baby – we take care of that baby by minimizing its exposure to strangers. Whenever possible, we make sure your baby stays safe in the arms of our very capable crew. Sleep tight!

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We Help you get your Groove Back

Companies, like people, have a birthday every year and what works in one decade may not work as well in the next (see, for example, bangs that resemble satellite dishes). We know that businesses get better with age, but unfortunately consumers can be fickle and downright superficial partners. A bit of sprucing up is sometimes necessary to keep them interested and to stay connected to the present. We understand this, and we make it our business to give you the makeover you need to get noticed again – even if all you need to do is to whip off those old glasses and toss your hair around a little bit.

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For More than 18 Years

"I feel privileged to live in these most interesting of times for marketing. While the ends haven’t changed at all (communicate my message, make me famous, help me sell), all the means (channels, content, devices, who’s in control) are changing constantly. Which means it’s a great time to be an agency helping clients figure all this out. At Kenney & Company, I am most proud of the agency’s culture and its collection of people who genuinely like each other and who work exceedingly hard to get clients the business they deserve."

- Jane Kenney

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